Frequently Asked Questions - Chain Link Fence

Q: What colours does chain link fence come in?

A: Black, green, brown, white and galvanized (silver).

Q: What heights does it come in?

A: Standard heights for a residential installation range from 4 foot high to 5 foot high (pool grade). Six foot high can be done, but is more often used for commercial applications.

Q: Can I use chain link fencing for around a pool?

A: Yes, you can. Pool grade chain link fencing has smaller diamonds than standard chain link. A pool installation requires 1.5" diamonds, where "normal" chain link comes with 2" diamonds.

Q: Do you pound in the posts or do you concrete them in?

A: Heritage Design always sets chain link posts in concrete, ensuring your fence lasts longer. Other companies in the area may just pound your posts into the ground, so be sure to check and compare.

Q: How deep are the post set into the ground?

A: Heritage Design sets fence posts 42"-48" deep to get below the frost line. After digging a hole to that depth, we generally put a base of concrete at the bottom and rest the actual post on that foundation. Therefore the post is installed about 36" in the ground.