Knowledgeable Consultants


When you start out planning a backyard project, call Heritage Design to help. Every fence, deck and shed project presents its own unique requirements - all of these can be discussed during your free on site appointment. With years of experience working in literally thousands of backyards, the consultants at Heritage Design are available to listen and work out the best design for your backyard. Don't be afraid to shoot for the moon either; our skilled installers can handle the curve balls that custom work offers.  Start dreaming.


Steve brings 20 years of work experience to the Heritage team, utilizing skills gained as a construction foreman, project manager and entrepreneur. Expect Steve to deliver clear answers and creative solutions with a healthy dose of humour. Large commercial projects, check! Backyard residential projects, check! This guy has the expertise to help you out.


Fresh to Heritage Design but no stranger to the construction industry, Corey has been a welcome addition to the estimating crew at HD.  Corey has a keen eye for detail combined with a creative mind which is sure to bring your backyard project to life.  This domino smacking, soup chugging, energetic estimator is always happy to help.


Justin runs the showroom at Heritage Design, sharing his knowledge with every customer that walks through those doors. He loves working with DIY fence and deck builders, making sure materials are delivered on time and the project runs smoothly. And Justin's ready to dig into the details of your backyard project - whether it's a deck, fence, shed, roof, or pergola. After ten years at Heritage Design, Justin is still as enthusiastic as ever... then again, he's also still waiting for the Maple Leafs to win the Stanley Cup. Now that's a loyal guy.


Ken started this company 30 years ago, and he's proud of what Heritage Design has done in and around the region. Ken works behind his desk most of the time now, managing the ins and outs of the business. But he still likes to deal with customers face to face, answering questions and troubleshooting design challenges. Tap into his wealth of knowledge for your project, and don't forget to ask him about his golf handicap.