Fence Board Orientation

The way your fence boards are installed can have a dramatic affect on your backyard and the finished project.  You will want to consider privacy, noise, design, existing or future pools, and your neighbours when deciding how you want you fence to be built.


Horizontal Boards

More and more popular, horizontal board installation really makes a statement.  Get creative with alternative board sizes and/or gap sizes

Flat Privacy

It doesn't get more straight forward then flat privacy fencing.  All framing (stringers) will be found on one side of the fence and expect small gaps to appear once your boards have weathered.

Board on Baton

The most private, wind protecting, and noise dampening board installation is board on baton.  All framing (stringers) will be found on one side of the fence.  Minimal gaps will be found only at the posts.

Board on Board

Tried and true and keeps the neighours happy.  Board on board fencing aka shadowbox is a people pleaser as both sides of the fence are identical.  Spaces in the boards allow for air flow. 


A fence can be topped off to really get the feel you are going for in your yard.  Below is just sampling of what can be done on your backyard fence.


Traditional Privacy Lattice

Simple Rain Cap Finish

One of a Kind Custom Topper

No Rain Cap

Scalloped Topper (2x8 Shown)

Scalloped Top

Black Aluminum Picket

Arched Top