Trex Transcends

 Trex Transcends Composite Decking

Trex Transcends Composite Decking

We have seen a good number of composite deck boards in our years.  Some stick around year after year and some just fade away (pun totally intended).  Trex has been a very stable part of the composite decking world and this is their Transcends series.  You will notice a skin that goes around the top and sides of the board.  This composite is warrantied against fading and staining for 25 years and is by far the most durable composite decking we have ever installed.  It comes in 5 standard colours as well as 3 Tropical looks. 

Time for a Refresh

In the spring we had a client come to us with an existing deck which needed some refreshing.  In this case the existing deck was fairly old and the existing wood was starting to go.  The old deck had a very nice pergola on one side that gave the home owners a bit of shade in the afternoon but didn't fully protect them from the warm summer rays and of course did nothing to stop them from getting wet in the event of an afternoon shower.

The dream was to have a new deck built using about the same foot print of the existing deck but the main goal was to replace the pergola with a proper roof.  This would allow for full protection from the elements and allow the living space to be used no matter what the forecast.

The above transformation is pretty spectacular.  The deck was able to be updated with more current products such as the ornamental screens on the side, we added a step down to a protected BBQ area, and of course the fully finished roof sets a dominate presences and allows for countless hours of enjoyment.  The deck was finished off with vertical board skirting, 2x4 fascia and also has wrapped steps for a very clean polished look.

Taking what you have and altering it to what you need can be done with some planning and expertise.  Heritage Design would love to come and take a look at what you are dreaming up.

Cheers, Justin.

Visit Us at the International Plowing Match

We're pumped to be partnered with KOOL FM at the 2012 International Plowing Match in Roseville, Ontario. This agriculture event has transformed the quiet countryside into a rocking, rolling centre of all things plowing. And Heritage Design is there!

Visit the KOOL FM booth and enter to Win a Custom Shed from the HD boys.

Built to last with quality lumber and expert craftmanship, this 8x8 shed will be awarded to one lucky winner.

Get your name in! And check out all of the action at IPM 2012. Fun for the entire family from Sept 18 to 22, 2012.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Today we are out installing some ornamental iron fence in Waterloo.  Ornamental iron is a great fencing option when keeping your view is a higher priority that creating privacy.

Our main supplier for this style of fencing is Medallion Fence. They are known as one of the leaders in the iron fencing industry - that's the main reason why we install and promote their top quality products. There are several manfacturers of ornamental iron fencing, but not all offer the quality and durability of Medallion.

To start, Medallion manufactures their product with a FULL channel top and bottom rail, providing higher levels of strength. Products from other companies have a U-channel or small gap making the top and bottom rails incomplete or "open". Without the completely closed rail your ornamental iron fence sections may sag over time.

Another attribute that sets this product apart is the size of both the pickets and rails.  The rails (cross pieces) are 1 1/4" across while the pickets are 5/8" across .  This translates into 25% more steel then the industry standard.  And Medallion backs up their product with a 20-year warranty.  

Whether it's just a gate for your wood fence or fencing around the whole backyard, with various styles to choose from you can customize the appearance and find the exact look you want for your yard.  Give us a call for a free estimate if ornamental iron fencing is on your to-do list this summer.

Cheers, Justin

Home Show Weekend

Heritage is at the KW Home and Garden Show this weekend.

We are displaying Trex Transcends on one side and the tried and true pressure treated on the other.

Still the most popular choice for backyard decks, pressure treated wood lasts a long time and can be stained to accent your backyard.

Pressure treated decking also allows for more customization for your design.

Stop by and take a look if you are in town.


New Site!

After a month of kicking the tires we have launched our new site.  Don't be shy, have a look around and see if something catches your fancy.  The winter months at HD give us the chance to perpare for the coming season and this new site was one big step we were hoping to make.

Cheers, Justin.

Under Construction

If you have found this site then you have stumbled upon Heritage Design's new webpage.

You may see some funky stuff (unfinished pages, a joke or two) going on from time to time leading up to the switch from our old page to this one.  Hang in there, the process won't take too long and the goal is for it all to go smoothly.

Cheers, Justin