Skilled, Experienced Installers

Prospective customers often ask us what sets Heritage Design apart from the competition. Although we respect each of our competitors, we know without a doubt that Heritage Design offers at least one thing they don't have - the best installers in the business.

Having top quality wood, affordable prices, and a fast turn around means nothing if the final product is not exactly what the customer dreamt about from day one. That's why you need to hire the most qualified, dedicated installers in the region.  And Heritage Design is proud to call them part of our team.

With their exceptional knowledge, practiced carpentry skills, clear communication, and gifted ability to teach, the Heritage Design installers are the cream of the crop. Take a moment to "meet" a soon to be familiar face.


Ten plus years is a long time for someone to do one thing.  But the knowledge and skills Shane has obtained over his time at Heritage Design are priceless. This guy has amazing drive, and a strong desire to make our customers happy. Never one to back down from a problem, Shane heads the installers with patience, persistance and expertise. It's also rumoured he's the only guy that can train a donkey to carry 6x6's and mix concrete.



Matty's quite literally grown up at Heritage, starting more than seven years ago as a part-time apprentice. Now he's a trusted and respected head installer with the skills to match. Matty's worked from the ground up and learned from his environment - sponging off the best in the business has transformed Matty into a valuable commodity. Don't let his quiet approach deceive you - Matty's a hard worker, and more importantly, he's a smart worker. Plus, if the crew's short a level, his head is a great substitute.


Ryan aka "Corny"


Corny rocks as Heritage Design's utility man, playing any position with passion and precision. Ryan's been with us for nearly a decade, starting out as a young lad on a fence crew and quickly advancing to a lead deck installer. His concern for his project's well-being is evident, and we consider Ryan one of the company's best assets. You'll be in good hands when this guy knocks on your door.