Frequently Asked Questions - Pergolas

Q: Is a pergola just used for shade?

A: No, not at all. Heritage Design installs far more pergolas for looks than for shade. A pergola really stands out in your yard, dominant and decorative. It adds a talking point, and creates a mood or setting.

Q: How much shade will I get?

A: That really depends on how your house is positioned and what time of day it is. We advise customers who truly want shade to consider installing a roof, instead of a pergola. Pergolas only offer speckled or dappled shade at certain times of the day.

Q: Is there a compromise between a pergola and a solid roof?

A: You could add a second layer of slats to your pergola. We refer to this design as a "double pergola." It will add shade, but still not solid coverage.

Q: How many decorative end cut designs are there?

A: We have about four "go to" end cuts that past customers have liked. But really, an end cut design is up to you. If you want your pergola to be unique and customized, start doodling on a piece of paper and we can make it happen.

Q: How can I make my pergola really stand out?

A: If it suits the architecture of your house, a beefy or chunky pergola looks pretty awesome. Consider using larger beams to create a heavy, durable look. Rather than standard 2x8, think 2x10 or 2x12. Same goes for your posts and the slats on top--go big or go home. Add a few candle sconces and a drape and you will have all of your friends jealous in no time.