PT Wood Pricing

Heritage Design's pressure treated lumber yard is not like those big box stores around town. Rather than carrying the cheapest available wood, we buy the best quality wood we can get our hands on. And then we offer that wood to you for the same price (or cheaper) than the big box stores. That means you can have top quality wood for a great price, with free delivery thrown in. 

Posts are vital when you're building a fence. Hey, those posts hold up the entire fence. Heritage Design offers 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 posts in red pine. Red pine pressure treated lumber is a premium product that stays straighter, cracks less, and retains its sap better than standard yellow pine treated lumber.  That means your fence is going to stay straight, look nice and fight the elements longer.

Deck boards provide the greatest visual appeal when building a deck. That's why we use selected lodge pole pine decking at Heritage Design. These trees grow slower, producing a tidy grain and smaller knots.  Deck board made from lodge pole pine also lays flatter over time and fights the elements better than what the other lumber yards offer. 

Some people may say "wood is wood," but at Heritage Design we know otherwise. Use the best quality wood available and you can enjoy your deck for years longer.


*Listing of Pressure Treated Wood Pricing will be available in the Spring*               


Delivery and Return Policy

  • Free local delivery on all orders over $250.
  • Order drop location must be determined before delivery.
  • Order drop spot must be accessible by our delivery truck.  All orders are bound together and slide off the back of the truck onto the desired area.
  • No deliveries will be carried to the backyard or into a garage.
  • If there is a concern regarding driveway damage with your order delivery, please select a different drop location.
  • You have 30 days from time of delivery or pick up to make any returns or exchanges.
  • A Heritage Design invoice must be presented for all returns or exchanges.
  • If you require Heritage Design to pick up your materials for return, a $45 fee will be charged and all materials must be stacked at the front of the house.