Frequently Asked Questions - Roofs

Q: Do I need a permit for a roof?

A: You will need a permit for any roof structure attached to your house. A freestanding structure installed in your backyard may not require a permit, depending on the size. Much like shed construction, any roof covering more than 108 square feet requires a building permit.

Q: How can the roof be finished?

A: Heritage Design is able to finish your deck or porch roof in the same way as the balance of your roof. Asphalt shingles or shakes can be used for the roof surface and, in most cases, vented soffit is used for the ceiling. This design gives the roof a polished look and also requires minimal maintenance.

Q: I want a more rustic look. Can you do that?

A: Using cedar or even pressure treated wood to finish the underside of the ceiling, instead of vinyl soffit, creates a more rustic look. This design hides the roof framing and gives the area an earthy feel.